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LAN Messenger 1.2.35
LAN Messenger 1.2.35 has been released. This version features performance enhancement and memory optmization. Certain features like file transfer and group messaging may not be available while chatting with contacts using an older version of LAN Messenger. Please update to the latest version to fix this. The change log for this version can be found here.

LAN Messenger 1.2.32
LAN Messenger 1.2.32 has been released. This is a maintenance release that contains several bug fixes and some updates to the translations. This update is available for all platforms.

LAN Messenger 1.2.30
LAN Messenger 1.2.30 has been released. Russian localization has been added in this version. Special thanks to Victor Alekseevich Khokhlov for the translation.

On Windows, an option to specify a config file from which settings can be loaded while installing has been added. Network administrators can use this to implement uniform settings on all client machines. This is done via command line switch of the installer:
lmc-1.2.30-win32.exe /config=\\path\to\settings\file

LAN Messenger 1.2.28
LAN Messenger 1.2.28 has been released. This is an enhancement and bug fix release. I recommend upgrading to this version as soon as convenient. A full list of changes can be found here.

LAN Messenger 1.2.25
LAN Messenger 1.2.25 has been released. Memory and network utilization have been optimized for better application performance and stability. A full list of changes can be found here.

LAN Messenger is now available in 3 additional languages. Special thanks to the following contributors:
* Adli Amansouri - Arabic localization
* Andrei Moldovanu - Romanian localization
* Darko Vrsic - Slovenian localization

New screenshots have been uploaded to the gallery.

LAN Messenger 1.2.10
LAN Messenger 1.2.10 has been released. I suggest upgrading to this version since it fixes a critical bug. Some of the new feature include chat themes, user activity notification and multi-line messaging. You can now check for updates from within the application itself. A full list of changes can be found here.

Be sure to check out the new screenshots.

LAN Messenger 1.2
The most significant change in this version lies under the hood - the new LAN Messenger uses a different protocol that is based on XML. Due to the extensible nature of XML, new features can be added to future versions without breaking backward compatibility. However this version is not backward compatible. So you will not be able to view contacts who are using an older version and vice versa. I have incremented the version number to make this difference more apparent. Version 1.2 and above - new protocol, older than 1.2 - old protocol.

In case you are wondering what a protocol is, its just the way in which computers talk to each other over a network. They both have to understand a protocol for effective communication to take place. You can read this article to know more about communication protocols.

A host of new features have been added based on the feedback I received from the forum. Please check out the new screenshots.

This version adds support for Spanish language. A big thanks goes out to Diego Ortiz for the Spanish translation.

Corrections have been made in the other translations also.

LAN Messenger 1.1.58
This version adds support for three additional languages. New languages can now be added by copying over the language file to the application folder. Some UI glitches when using multilingual texts have been fixed.

The new languages added are:
* Turkish (Thanks to Inanc Tanriover for the excellent translation)
* French
* German
French and German translations were done using Google's translation service, so errors are bound to have occured. If you find a mistake, please use the forum to let me know about it.

Version 1.1.52 released
This is a minor update from the previous version. The broken links in the help window have been fixed. Please see the new screenshots. Application now cleans up after itself, so some stray files are not left behind.

Linux installation reuploaded
I made a mistake when creating the deb package for Linux. As a result users would get warnings while installing the application. Its been fixed now and I have uploaded the modified package. The version stays the same as it was an error in the installation and not in the program.

New screenshots posted
I have posted a few screenshots of LAN Messenger 0.9.0 running in Ubuntu, Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Translations using google
Since LAN Messenger sports a multilingual user interface, I am in the middle of creating some translation files to be used in the application. Unfortunately I am only very fluent in two languages (with a working knowledge of two others, but not enough for translation). Right now I am considering using the google translation service for adding support to a few more common languages. Having a choice of just two languages in the options is rather lame.

LAN Messenger 0.9.0
Version 0.9.0 is a beta release that I am still testing out. Once all the features have been finalized and the code is stable, it will be upgraded to a stable version.
The versioning system will also change as this release is supposed to be the successor of the current application available with a version number of

LAN Messenger project website is up
Welcome to the LAN Messenger project page. This is a work in progress since the help and support pages are still under construction. I will be posting the development progress and other news here.